Suspect Search – Next Generation Real Time Video Analytics

Find. Right. Now.

Whether you need to find an individual suspected of criminal activity or a lost child, time is always of the essence. Your video surveillance system has recorded them; the question is: where? It can take hours, sometimes days, to find what you’re looking for. During that time, the opportunity to apprehend the suspect or rescue the child could be lost.

Suspect Search, a real time video analytics software and winner of multiple industry awards, helps you locate and track specific people, expediting forensic video searches. Searches that used to take up considerable resources can now be completed more efficiently, using a fraction of the time and manpower.

Start searching in seconds

It all starts with specifying the target. You can upload a full-body photo to the system, create a composite image using our built-in tool, or use images directly from your video surveillance feeds. Suspect Search then uses patent-pending, next-generation real time video analytics software to identify matches:

  • Immediate results – potential matches are revealed in 3 to 5 seconds
  • Efficient filtering – 95% of irrelevant images are filtered out
  • Highly accurate – 70% probability that targets will be identified in the first 5% of image matches

Locate and track with mapped results

Once you’ve selected potential matches, we automatically mark their route on a map. This lets you know where they have been, improving your situational awareness. It also indicates where they are headed, enabling quick apprehension or interception.

Find people fast — when time is of the essence

When looking for people who are in danger or causing it, time makes all the difference. The faster you can get to them, the greater your chance of minimizing damage. With Suspect Search’s real time video analytics software, you can dramatically accelerate and improve your response.

Find out how today.

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