security solution for health care

Security Solution for Healthcare

Ensuring the protection of patients, personnel and critical assets

In an increasingly competitive market, healthcare facilities and hospitals are focusing on patient experience. Central to this focus is the safety, security, well being and welfare of patients, as well as personnel. The Qognify security solution for healthcare minimizes disruptions and delays caused by a lack of situational awareness, poor communication and inefficient situation management.

Addressing the complete security lifecycle

It starts with identifying potential events before they occur, so that you can stop them from unfolding. And when an incident does occur, you’ll have complete situational awareness so you can mitigate its impact. Moreover, with embedded and compliant pre-defined response plans, healthcare operators can rest assured that every response will be the right one. This is particularly important in healthcare’s highly regulated environment, which is under constant litigious pressures.

  • Leading video surveillance and management – non-disruptive, 24/7 IP video surveillance coverage 
  • Powerful analytics – anticipate issues for proactive response; find wandering patients, suspects and witnesses to incidents, and prevent infant abductions
  • #1 Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) – Situator is a leading PSIM. It integrates, manages and unifies your security operations

Complete incident information management

In healthcare, communication and information is extremely important. How you manage it is equally important. The Qognify solution captures, records, synchronizes and manages all of the information and actions taken related to every incident. It can be used to address issues such as patient care, regulatory compliance (HIPAA, etc.), incident investigation, and the prevention of lawsuits. Additionally, you gain valuable insight to improve patient care and establish best practices.

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