security solution for critical facilities

Security Solution for Critical Facilities

Adhering to compliance, while accelerating response​

The nature of critical facilities makes them attractive targets for all kinds of attacks, from theft to terrorism. Most likely, your organization has heavily invested in a range of security systems and sensors, which are delivering huge amount of siloed data. On top of that, you need to adhere to the latest regulatory requirements. Managing it all is beyo​nd complex. ​

That’s where Qognify comes in. ​

A single, unified platform

Qognify’s security solution for critical facilities integrates all of your security cameras, sensors and devices, communication systems and data sources into a single unified platform. This not only creates a common operating picture (COP), it also gives you complete situational awareness. Moreover, we integrate operating procedures that are NERC-CIP-compliant to help ensure you maintain compliance at all times – during day-to-day operations and throughout incident handling.

A unified security platform

Qognify’s Situator, the backbone of the solution, integrates your video management system and other sensors to create a single, unified security platform. It also intelligently correlates and analyzes the data it receives from them so that security operators don’t waste time sifting through data for what might be taking place, but instead are proactively informed of what is happening. That’s called situational awareness. And it’s only one way we enhance security.​

Significant operational improvement​

There is no substitute for real experience and a proven track record. Some of the world’s largest critical facilities have accelerated their response times and improved operational efficiency by using Qognify technology. This depth of experience has allowed us to continually improve and innovate. And it provides our critical facility customers with proven, measurable results that extend beyond perimeter security and substation protection.

  • Duke Energy – tripled their monitoring capabilities with Qognify, without adding any personnel
  • American Electric Power – increased their control span from 14 sites to 350 without adding headcount, and improved their incident response time by 75%
  • Aqua America – mitigated the threat of costly 48-hour shutdowns that are enforced in the event of a security breach

Enforce and maintain compliance​

Developed to mitigate risk to critical facilities, NERC-CIP, in the United States, and other regulatory standards for critical facilities operation, are challenging to enforce and maintain on a day-to-day basis. We solve that issue with pre-defined procedures that guide operators in the correct and compliant response every step of the way; not only as an incident is unfolding, but also on a daily basis.

Extensive reporting and debriefing​

Part of maintaining compliance is having the ability to prove it. Our complete incident information management solution provides automated and customizable reports that capture every action taken during an incident and over time. In addition to incident investigation, the solution is valuable in identifying knowledge gaps and best practices.

“Operators see the alarms coming in, they see where the alarms are physically located, and they see the steps, the actions they’re required to take. If there are other devices available, video cameras for example, they see the on-scene video as well. The PSIM solution helps operators better assess situations and respond in the appropriate manner.”

Rocco A. Marcello Jr., former director of Duke Energy’s Enterprise Protective Services


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