security solution for banks

Security Solution for Banks & Financial Institutions

Effective security management for complex environments

When we think of industries where security is an absolute necessity, banking is at the top of the list. Beyond being an attractive target for criminal activity, banks and financial institutions operate in a challenging environment; one that is highly regulated and distributed, both in terms of environments – retail branches, ATMs, operations centers, corporate offices – and systems.

The Qognify security solution for banks and financial institutions is designed for widely distributed organizations, while placing information and control at your fingertips. It provides effective security for financial institutions by managing and handling multiple types of threats and systems. Tailored for each environment, the solution is a complete suite addressing the entire lifecycle of financial industry security incidents. The backbone of the solution is Situator, an advanced situation management solution, which is complemented by Qognify’s intelligent IP video management.

Reduce risk, maintain business continuity

What happens when the alarm isn’t false? With complete situational awareness and pre-defined guidance for personnel on how to best handle security events, you’ll be able to reduce the impact of any incident. That means less distress for employees and customers, and a quicker return to normal operations.

You can’t allow yourself to be surprised

Imagine if you wouldn’t need to watch so many systems, master all the interfaces and understand what is going on based on experience only. How much more could you accomplish? Customers using Qognify have been able to:

  • Gain immediate, daily ROI – through the elimination of costly false alarm responses
  • Reduce the probability of human error – by automating procedures and managing multiple types of threats with pre-defined guidance
  • Maximize existing resources – via improved personnel deployment, dramatically reduced response times, and leveraged legacy systems and sensors

“The cost of the false alarms that we were able to save has actually paid off this project.” 

Mr. Joao Amorim, Project Manager, Millennium BCP

Consistently compliant

Banks and financial institutions are held to the highest standards. We make sure your entire security organization is aware of regulatory requirements and the right response in any given situation. And we provide the proof of implementation, as everything is automatically logged. Pre-configured SOPs (standard operating procedures) provide guidance to operators throughout a developing event. We also help you enforce overall day-to-day compliance requirements.

“With Situator, we were able to become more efficient in monitoring and handling alarms, and not least important, using Situator, we were able to significantly reduce the cost related to monitoring and responding to security incidents”

Vitor Monteiro, Security Manager, Millennium BCP

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