FAST Video Management System

All of the time, anywhere

The question isn’t whether to utilize video to help keep your organization secure, rather it’s: Which system should you be using? The answer should be the one proven to help keep people safe, keep property protected and keep business moving. Not all IP video surveillance solutions were created equal. Here’s why.

Experience and expertise

Your organization might be spread across a vast environment, with remote locations and exposure to the elements, or maybe it’s located in a single building in the city center. Either way, Qognify video management systems will fully address your unique needs. Our vast customer base includes a wide range of industries, and some of the most security-conscious organizations and locations around the world. It’s the kind of experience and expertise that makes a difference.

Total flexibility

FAST is a completely open solution. You’ll be able to use it with any edge device: analog, IP or megapixel. And it gives you the freedom and flexibility to continue using your existing infrastructure, as well as anything else you may add to it now and in the future. FAST Viewer controls and manages your FAST Alpha system, which is comprised of a selection of smart video recorders, encoders, decoders and video analytics based on your unique needs.

What you need

When we talk about being open, we’re not just referring to our technology. We’ll be happy to work with your system integrator and other business partners. Our flexible software and turnkey offerings, can address the needs of any sized deployment and FAST supports any kind of architecture – centralized, distributed or a mix of both. It’s all about getting you the results you need and the best solution for your organization.

Extreme resilience

Get unrivaled availability and serviceability through a variety of technologies and our unique capabilities. Rest assured that FAST is working even when you’re not.

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